“Profanity of nothingness”

Profanation-of-nothingnessPart of a title from a post made by philippine blogger, Myrtle


5 thoughts on ““Profanity of nothingness”

  1. Not a lot of people will understand your illustration. Its meaning is complex.Perhaps and perhaps one of the finest and intelligent illustrations you have made. This is not a very simple art work of yours.It shows and digs a very deep imagination and analysis of yours. Thank you! You are BRILLIANT, Almeida!.


    • Thank you for giving me such a powerful and raw phrase…I was – and still am – absolutely in love with the harmony that it exhaled..I just sat on a chair, and all of the letters echoed constantly in my mind, and the images of moral chaos just popped in my brain and consequently my fingers just followed the harmony of that raw phrase.

      Loved our collaboration, and learnt a lot from it

      Kindest Regards
      Almeida Garcez


  2. BRILLIANT! More than I expect! Your illustration has a very deep meaning.
    So very thank you for this.
    May I copy this and use this for my own purpose-will acknowledge that this is your work.
    Thank you Almeida:)


    • I´m glad you like it Myrtle.
      Your free to do whatever you want with the illustration, since is a translation to image, of some words of yours.
      Thank you Myrtle,
      thank you for such a powerful phrase:)
      I really enjoyed listening to it, over and over in my head, whilst trying to figure it out, what image came to my head.

      Kindest Regards,
      Almeida Garcez


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