“Running to stand still”

"Running to stand still"Words from English musician Nigel Amson

“Spitting up politeness and shame”

Richardin kuva 3

Quote by Serbian musician Ensh

“Hitchiking in a night of insults”

Hitchiking-in-a-night-of-insultsWords by American cook Derek Holt, visual interpretations by portuguese artist Almeida Garcez

“Running to stand still”

running-to-stand-stillWords of from English musician Nigel Amson

“The bright side of darkness”

The-bright-side-of-darknessTitle from a  post made by an American blogger


“Stark reality”

stark-realityWords by Kenyan photographer, writer and rapper, Mark Denver K


The man that lost the last object he possessed

As condicionantes da espécie - Desespero material