“The borders of the system”

Borders of the sistem

Quote by Italian clown Peter Esperanza.

“It‘s not natural”

"It's not natural"

“Royal we”

IMG_7564_2_1Quote by English potter Peter Jackson

“La locura no tiene cura”

"La loucura no tiene cura"

Quote by Spanish art director Patricia Martinez, inspired by the increasing numbers of sex exploitation victims

“Spitting up politeness and shame”

Richardin kuva 3

Quote by Serbian musician Ensh

“Not an utopia”

Not-an-utopiaWords by English electrician David Checkley

“Normal life”

Normal Life“Welcome to the family! Good minded people with propor Bounds of normality.This is a Peacefull highway Wrong the right way. This is Our only spaceship! Tomorrow’s business? The imperfect arquitechture of thought …the Silence of the future. Welcome to your flight!”

Text & Illustration inspired by genetic modification. Title by Czech antique restaurator and friend Radek Rüzička

The invisible shout


“You´re out of perspective”


Wondering ones


“Brain drain”

Brain-drain2Text by English Anthropology student Molly Amson

“Home is where I framed peace on a wall, and stop myself from acting. Just sat on the couch and simply stood”


“This censorship, it’s for our own good”